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You Can Install Camera Apps Now

This investment and stock blog is not only about stocks and trading, but as I’ve discussed in the previous article, we also discuss sophisticated applications in the form of camera applications that can penetrate the fabric blocking them.

With the sophisticated feature, this camera application is hunted by sophisticated application users. Yet, there are still many who haven’t known the details and how to download it.

Look at How to Download Here.

For those who haven’t, 9apps application is an application store whose function is almost as similar as Google Play and Playstore in Android. However, when compared to Playstore from Google, 9apps is said to be very light because the file is only about 3.2 MB in size, so not much time needed to download.


This application is complete and also has other advantages, such as all the implementation that is available in the application store is free. In fact, pro or premium version application in Playstore are paid apps, but in 9apps, it is downloadable for free. What do you think, interesting, isn’t it?

So here are the technicals: Just say you get a paid app in Playstore, just open 9apps to search the intended app to avoid additional cost to get your favourite application. Frankly, not many people know about this. If you want to prove it, of course you have to download the app in advance. Yet, before installing 9apps, run the following settings in advance to avoid warnings on its installation.

First, open menu “Settings” in your Android smartphone. Then, select menu “Security”. Further, activate/click menu “Unknown Source”. After completing the steps above, you must first install the latest version of 9apps application.

Pay Attention

Make sure you’ve succesfully downloaded this 9Apps application file. On success, you may try to open 9apps-APK download, the get it installed, and wait untuk the process is completed. Be alerted! The next step, you must do some steps as the following:

First, after successfully installing 9Aррѕ, then go into the on 9Aррѕ settings, but before that, turn on the option “Show Advance Contents.”

Second, open 9Apss and then click “Search”, type “Transparent Camera” in search column.

Third, After that, scroll down and switch to "Transparent Camera," then click "Download" to download. When finished, then "Install" and wait for the process to complete.

If a threatening warning appears about the device when downloading, just ignore it. Because this application is safe. These warnings are natural as messages appearing automatically when the Android smartphone is downloading the application (APK) other than from Playstore.

Install or Download Now

On the next page we will share the types of xray camera software that you can download. Please click the Install, Open, alias Downlоаd buttons to see some of the applications and don't forget to search immediately on 9Apps as we discussed before.